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OPT & CPT Visa Talent Delivery Model in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry

Starting in 2021, our client was looking for a cost effective solution to fill Continuous Improvement (CI) Lead positions in their plants across the United States, located in rural mid-western towns. The client did not have the budget to hire expensive local talent, and couldn’t identify a talent pool large enough to support their projects at local plants.

Visa Holder Talent

Our client was struggling to fill Continuous Improvement (CI) Lead positions. The CI Lead is a highly skilled Six Sigma black belt with mechanical engineering training.

This skillset is essential to the needs of our client’s daily operation. Along with facilitating the daily line loss analysis (waste elimination and yield improvement), they are required to lead transformation analysis, which is to identify and prioritize loss elimination opportunities.

Failure to identify and hire the CI Lead positions at their food manufacturing plants was leading to a variety of challenges. Including, impacts on the plant's performance, profitability, and potential safety issues.

The client’s plants are located across North America in mostly small, rural towns where the individuals with skills required are in short supply.


TekWissen was already an existing empaneled vendor supporting technical and professional positions for the client, and had experience filling similar six sigma positions with other clients. Understanding the unique challenge filling the CI Lead roles. We approached the client’s lead engineer with a solution to source a pool of OPT and CPT visa holders for them to review. We educated the client on the OPT or CPT process, and how the individuals are highly motivated, hardworking, and eager to learn.

These skilled individuals are usually willing to go the extra mile to prove their worth because they are often looking for an opportunity to work in the United States long-term to build a career.

TekWissen has the ability to sponsor these visa holders who bring their skills and knowledge into the local job market. This provided our client greater access to a deeper pool of talent not currently in the local markets where they were needed.


TekWissen delivered a cost-effective solution for our client that needed skilled workers, but did not have the budget to hire expensive local talent. We assisted our contract employees with relocation services to set them up for success in their new work locations.

In addition to cost savings, retention was critical. Most of the TekWissen contractors deployed, were asked to stay on assignment past the initial project timelines and rotate to other plants to complete new CI projects. This resulted in 21 contractors working across 16 client plants over an 24 month period.

Feedback from the client plants was overwhelming positive: One quote from one Human Resources Business Partner; “(The employee) has impressed everyone in his time here with his tenacious work ethic and abilities. He was definitely an excellent placement! Thank you TekWissen Team”.