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Digital transformation – the integration of digital technology into every part of a company – is not just a fundamental technological and cultural change for organizations. Nor is it a single endeavor; it’s an ongoing journey. Through a continuous evolution of digital transformation, we address the new ways people are finding work while remaining nimble and competitive.

The rise of vertical talent pools and gig economy jobs are just two signs of the changing talent landscape. Digital transformation is necessary not only to stay competitive, but as a way to adapt to the new world of work. Our Global Recruitment and Insights Data report earlier this year showed an overwhelming 80% surveyed see digital transformation as a positive for their business. On the other hand, our more recent survey shows only 25% currently have a digital transformation strategy in place. How do we grow from seeing the benefit of digital transformation to putting an actual strategy in place? The first step is to see the need for offering more flexible services to clients and finding new ways of tapping into diverse talent pools. This type of operational adaptability requires a fully-digitized technology infrastructure, one that can be rapidly configured.